Concert Programmme 2017
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Sunday 17 September
at 3.00pm

St Jude's Singers

Music by:
Thomas Ebdon (1738-1811)
Thomas Attwood Walmisley
T Tertius Noble (1867-1953)
H Balfour Gardiner (1877-1950)
John Ireland (1879-1962)

All Welcome
M&L Concert

Friday 17 September at 10.30am

Organ Concerto . . . G F Handel
(soloist: Allan Beavis)
"Danse Villageoise" from Suite Pastorale . . . Emmanuel Chabrier
Allegretto from Symphony No.7 . . . Ludwig van Beethoven
Czech Suite . . . Antonin Dvorak

Admission $20 (concert only)
$25 (concert & lunch)
Midweek Lunchtime

Wednesday 20 September
at 1.15pm

David Allen (Tenor)
Lisa Kawai (Piano)

Wednesday 4 October
at 1.15pm

David Franks (Organ)

Admission by donation